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This morning I sent a message to a Facebook friend asking if she had thought about writing as her posts are always grammatically correct and almost lyrical. She responded that she had thought about it and might when she retired in seven years. I told her to start now!

This year I will turn seventy-one and I have two regrets (that I am willing to admit to). First, I wish I had not gained so much weight or had taken it off at a younger age. I feel so much better 85 pounds lighter. Secondly, I have so much I want to write and hope I have enough life left to finish it all.

The reasons for putting off writing seemed good when I had them:
Not enough time.
Afraid I wasn't good enough.

Other things were more important.

My advice to you - Write now! Even if it is just jotting down memories or plot ideas, set aside time to write. As with anything, your writing will get better with practice. It took me over twenty years to write my first novel. Many rewrites, with changes in plots, timelines, and characters; editing for overused words and phrases
; adding descriptions of people and places; all taught me what a novel is and should be. It is not great literature, but it is mine and it is finished!

So, write now, everyday, and you will be ready when you do sit down to write your first book. And who knows; maybe what you write will turn into an awesome essay, short story, or even a book worthy of publication. Remember, write now!



Hello Susan! I love your positive and light attitude. I've been reading your posts for a while now. I must say that you motivated me to start my own blog. I am still busy with my studies, but I think I can put in some time for my blog. Keep empowering people like me.

02/08/2017 7:27pm

This is a very nice post. You know what, I do that too. I jot down notes. Every time there is a phrase that marked in my mind. I write it down in a piece of paper. I'll keep it because I know it will inspire me and motivate me. It will also help me to write a book.

02/28/2017 10:58pm

This was very inspiring. SO much so that I wrote the words "Write NOW! Right NOW!" on my desk in permanent marker. Thank you for the inspiration. Keep writing!


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