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She said she was afraid of spiders,

So, I took her in my garden to stroke my fuzzy-backed neon yellow friend on my pepper plants,

Showed her the intricate web of the black and yellow orb spider with its spiral rope awaiting unsuspecting prey,

The myriad salmon-colored babies on their mother’s back, some tentatively leaving to explore the world on their own,

The gossamer dew-covered funnel spider webs on dawn lit grasses,

The red hourglass on the black widow’s body before I crushed it.

Them taught her how to kills wasps, hornets, and irritating ants

Before moving on to the humor of bumble bees and wood borers searching for holes in our limbed bodies.



01/26/2017 2:35am

This was an amusing story. I also have a fear of spiders, or anything that crawls for that matter. They are not that scary, but I really get disgusted with them upon closer look. My Mother says to let them go outside, if I ever saw one get near me. I bet they are just misunderstood little creatures, wanting to meet some new friends.


This story has reminded me of how much my mother feared spiders. She always scream and tells us to get rid of those little spiders whenever she sees them. I find it very funny every time she screams to be honest. She looks really hilarious. But of course, as her daughter, I am the one who is responsible to do what she is screaming for.


I am afraid of spiders as well. Especially if I can see it, but if I view it from videos or pictures, I appreciate the beauty of their web designs and its intricate details. There are different species of spiders, some are venomous, and some are safe. But just thinking about it jumping out to your face makes my skin crawl. It gives me goose bumps every time someone tells me a story about spiders. I hope that I get through this personal fear of mine.

08/15/2017 4:45pm

Spiders are always there to do each n every thing for others

10/13/2017 8:01am

I don't like spiders too! They are quite creepy, don't you agree? I am afraid of them.


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