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When I was in high school, I entered a Thanksgiving poetry contest. My poem was rather long as I remember, maybe four or five stanzas with both meter and rhyme. A woman charged with judging the submitted poems questioned me about "where I found" my poem. She would not believe it was original, so I received an "honorable mention." I knew my poem was original and the best one entered. I have never written a poem since.
Yesterday I wrote one. I have posted it here for your enjoyment. It is very difficult to do, but I have few visitors I feet comfortable doing so. I offer it for your enjoyment.


 Do others find remembrance in smells?

The odor of a classroom, chalk or board markers, dirty erasers or rags – the difference states one’s age.

Formaldehyde and preserved frogs invade my memories when gazing at a summer pond.

The acrid smell of body odor and urine in parking garage elevators, of death and dying in hospital corridors.

Moldy leaves and the harsh, acidic smell of fading marigolds and mums each fall.

Winter fireplace ashes, and the odor of whisky on old barroom wooden walls.

The mix of mustard glazed hot dogs, popcorn, and beer at ballgames.

Wet wool and old socks in winter.

Rain-dusted dogs and cat urine sprayed from an excited adolescent tom.

Although some find the smell of skunks repelling, I admit a preference for the musky reminder of its cat-like passing.

Grapes rotting on the latticed covered patio, the musky smell of apples rotting under trees.

Some, in an effort to find only the beautiful, miss the interesting smells of death and decay.

Their loss.



12/19/2016 5:59pm

I enjoyed reading this. Keep sharing. :)

01/18/2017 4:29am

I am glad that you posted your first poem here in your blog. I can still remember the first poem that I wrote when I was in high school. I knew I loved writing back then. I used to write short stories, riddles, poems and etc. I will be sharing this to my friends. Thanks. Have a good day!

07/12/2017 2:05am

I have a friend who loves poem so much. She writes poem whenever she is in the library. And I usually hang out with this girl. I also tried to write a poem with her. I asked her if I could be a good writer and I was shocked when she said that I am not. Seriously, I was not hurt by the time she said that. I kept laughing the whole time because she kept laughing at my piece as well. I did not take that seriously. I love my friend more than I love writing poems.

02/12/2017 10:58pm

I must say that you have a good writing style. I'm very impressed. A poem practically dares you not just to look but to read. In a poem, a word exchanged for another word (even close to synonym) can alter the entire functioning of the poem. A poem helps the mind play with its well-trod patterns of thought, and even can help reroute those patterns by making us see the familiar anew.


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