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The answer is, "Quite possibly." My characters are composites of people I have known. You may think I am describing your hair, eyes, or personality. Yep, I am, hopefully in flattering terms.

I have been blessed with a fascinating group of former students and friends, many of whom have shared their stories, fears, loves, and hopes with me. I have seen them triumph over adversity, fought their mental demons and won, and become awesome mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, students, and employers and employees. They have traveled to other countries sharing God's message of salvation. They have climbed mountains, scuba dived, reviewed movies, written music, and created awesome art. They have pets, projects, hobbies, and a passion for life. In short, they provide a rich collection of perspectives, personalities, and experiences. Why would I not use some of them as fodder for my fiction?

When I write, I often give my characters the first and last names of some of you. Then, when the story is complete, I change the names. The Courtney in The Park Princess is an exception. When I finished the book, I tried to find another name for her, but could not find one that fit. I have had a number of students named Courtney
through the years, so I decided this would be alright.

So, if you want to read about yourself, and those you know, read The Park Princess when it comes out in January.



01/10/2017 10:18pm

I think what you are saying is true. I have an author friend who writes novels. He said that all the characters in his books are inspired from real life people he know. It is helpful because it makes him relate to his characters and he knows the proper reaction of the character on certain situations. Keep posting!


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